About Us

Where it all began…

Just a hydraulic tech who fell in love with the sea…32 Gallons of salt water, 20 lbs. live sand, and a couple pieces of live rock is all it took for us to realize the beauty of our ocean's reefs. Months passed and the addiction grew. And soon acclimation time looked like this.


I'm sure you all have been here but if you haven't, hold on! It was at this point we began to realize that we may have a problem on our hands. Nah no problem, I have a solution! More tanks! And so it began… We all have bought corals online only to have them show up and not resemble the coral and sometimes not even be the actual frag. This was a driving force behind what we do. No photo alteration, No bait and switch, No unhealthy corals! We will continue to grow and continue to provide healthy corals at hobbyist prices.

Biocube 32 today: