Kemps Corals Auction Guidelines


- You MUST have a registered account and be logged in to bid on any items.


- Countdown timers are displayed for all items. Bids must be in before the auction end to be valid.
- There are minimum bid increments for all items.
- Once a bid is placed it cannot be retracted.
- Auto bid featured is disabled.
- To prevent sniping: If a bid is placed within the last minute of an auction, it will automatically extend the auction by 1 minute.


- The highest bidder will win the item and will receive an email with payment instructions.
- Winnings must be claimed. We do not hold winnings for any reason.


- Payments must be made within 24 hours of winning. If payment is not made in this time frame, we will void the auction win.


- Order minimum is $75 for shipping. (Winning bidders must add normal priced items from site to meet this if auction winnings do not total $75.)
- No minimum order for local pickups.
- Read our Shipping Policy Here.


- Read our Arrive Alive Guarantee Here.